For Clients


Sherwood Cliffs” is an inter-denominational fellowship associated with the Coffs Harbour Baptist Church. A committed Staff of twelve lives permanently at “Sherwood Cliffs” and looks after its general running. The staff work united, bound together by common commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and look to God for His wisdom and guidance in all matters.

Sherwood Cliffs” is a ‘family’ who live on a farm 50 kms north of Coffs Harbour at the foot of a magnificent sandstone cliff. We all work, live and relax together sharing the common amenities.

Sherwood Cliffs” is a rehabilitation centre where our family oriented programme is an expression of our real concern for people. Up to 12 people with drug and alcohol problems can be accommodated at one time – usually 8 singles and 2 married couples.

Sherwood Cliffs” is a learning experience – it is a time and place to understand better the nature and extent of difficulties and to be assisted in planning how the identified difficulties may be approached and dealt with. It is a time to learn new work skills, and to use “free” time positively.

I will bring the following information with me:

A. Three forms of identification for Centrelink purposes.
B. Names, addresses and phone numbers of probation and parole officers, attorneys or public defenders.
C. Full information regarding court appearances, date, time, court, judge, charge etc.
D. Names and addresses of all members of my immediate family who might visit me.

Statement of Responsibility for Liability

NOTICE: It is hereby understood that “Sherwood Cliffs” cannot and will not be held responsible for any personal property left, lost or stolen from the premises of the centre.

I understand that I have had all the rules of “Sherwood Cliffs” fully explained to me. I will obey these rules. I will not operate any vehicles, power tools or machinery without permission. I am here at my own risk and free will.

Any money I bring into the programme, or any money I acquire while in the programme (from family or friends) will be held in the office. I may draw on that account whenever the need arises. If I am dismissed or should leave before completing the programme I will not receive any refund on board paid.

I understand and agree that if I should leave the programme or be dismissed, my personal property that I leave behind will be held for two weeks only, after which time it will become the property of “Sherwood Cliffs”.

I have read the rules and regulations of “Sherwood Cliffs” and with full understanding agree to co-operate with them. I also understand and agree that if I break any of the rules that I will be subject to dismissal and/or loss of privileges.


I agree to abide by the rules of “Sherwood Cliffs Christian Community” and state that I wish to enrol for at least a period of 6 months until it is decided, by both staff and myself, that I am ready to leave.


I understand that the most basic rules of “Sherwood Cliffs” are as follows:

1. This is a totally drug-free environment and while in the programme drug taking, (whether on the property or away from the property for outings and weekends away) is prohibited. Withdrawal is “Cold-turkey”.
2. Participation in all community activities is compulsory, e.g. work, meals, church etc.
3. Each person is responsible for his or her own self-control and self-discipline.


I will not possess or use drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. (Drugs that are prescribed by a doctor must be administered by a staff member).
I will not fight.
I will not use bad language.
I will not talk about the street life of drugs to other seekers.
I will not use cassettes or CD’s and MP3’s unless approved by the staff.
I will not use Mobile Phones


I will receive no phone calls for the first month (if there is an emergency, I will be given a message). I understand that I may make only one phone call during the first month (and this call cannot be made until after the first week).

I will be able to make phone calls of Thursday nights after the first month (the number of calls will be based on my conduct).

I will receive only letters from my immediate family for the first month. I can write to family and friends from the start of my rehabilitation. I understand that my mail may be checked.

I will be able to receive visitors only after the first month (these visitors may only be members of my immediate family e.g. parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children. I will be able to receive other visitors after two months in the programme.


I agree to pay $170.00 per week board (2 weeks board in advance on arrival).

I will bring sufficient money with me for my return fare.

I will not keep more than $2.00 on me at any time other than scheduled shopping trips. Any money over $2.00 will be returned to the office after shopping.

I will not receive any money directly from family or others but understand that it must be administered through the office.


I understand that I should bring the following items (if I am able):

Work clothes Work boots
Casual clothes Casual shoes
Underwear Swimmers and beach towel
Jumpers Toiletries e.g. shaving gear, toothbrush, toothpaste
Pyjamas Writing paper, pens and pencils


I will not bring the following items:

Drugs, Books and Magazines, TV / Prohibited Weapons
Alcohol, Playing cards, Medication for withdrawal
Cigarettes, Mobile Phones, Vehicles / Motorbikes


I understand that I must arrive at “Sherwood Cliffs” at the agreed upon time and date, without my own transport. Failure to do so may result in my being turned away. If, for any good reason, I cannot arrive on the specified date and time, I should call by phone (02) 66492139 or Fax (02) 66492081.

I agree to come for a 2-week trial period so that we may mutually agree that I am suitable for rehabilitation.

I agree to have blood tests taken for Hepatitis B and C and HIV prior to admission. I understand that I will need to take a shower immediately after being checked into the programme. Also I understand that all my bags and belongings will be searched.